DEF bulk transfer skid system- starting up your LCR II register

Hey guys.. we made a quick video on starting up your new DEF bulk transfer skid system. So, heads up here, start posting your questions and we will come up with a way to answer them for your benefit and and our industry.
So this suggestion comes from our friends in South Carolina.. ” Can you show us how to operate the new LCR II register when starting up our new DEF bulk transfer skid system?”.

In typical fashion, we re going to answer this question on the blog….

Liquid Controls produces among the most reliable and accurate metering systems available, worldwide. We use these systems on our truck belly boxes or fixed custody transfer applications (TECALEMIT DEF PRO6000 systems) requiring Weights & Measures-approved accuracy.

The LectroCount LCR-II is has been our electronic register of choice, because of its performance int he field.  The LCR-II simple design and well built construction  has provided our customers with easy operation and longevity.

Enjoy the video, and don’t forget to post your questions so that we can answer them here.

Questions: Reach us at 281 446 7300 or email us at sales (@) tecalemitusa. com

DEF transfer bulk skid system TECALEMIT- LCR II register

Bulk Transfer Skid Systems for (DEF) - LCR II register








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