cost effective air operated oil pumps

The best cost effective air operated oil pumps- and why you agree.


Thank you for coming back to the blog, today is all about the best performance air operated oil lube pumps that you will find in our industry.  These oil transfer solutions have become a corner stone for TECALEMIT,  so when we set out to bring the best cost effective air operated oil pumps, there were a few critical marks that we needed to hit.

#1- Like all products within our portfolio, this product had to be good looking and easy to handle. We set out to make sure that this pump was not bulk and heavy to handle. 

#2- Second, we needed to make sure that for the majority of the work that these pumps are placed under, the long term reliability had to impress. In over the last 18 months of use, these packages have been put through actual field testing with amazing results. This is the second point that makes this oil pump the best value in air operated oil pumps.

#3- Less moving parts.  These pumps have a single piston inside of them, making them fully mechanical and robust.  Minimal moving parts have been a great talking point at the early start and something that is appealing to the industry. 

#4- The fourth and last point is the price. The performance-value ratio that TECALEMIT brings to the industry is by far the best looking package, backed up by proven reliability, and sealed with a great initial price point, making them the best cost effective air operated oil pumps- and why you agree.

 cost effective air operated oil pumps




Custom Solutions: Lube Oil Dixon Pump for the PRO-5000 Series


The word ‘custom’ takes on a very different meaning here at TECALEMIT. To us, it means listening. We listen to your needs, your issues, your ultimate goals and those of your customers. This mode of operating is truly what separates us from the rest. Our unparalleled experience, enthusiasm, and fearless approach allows us to create something that doesn’t fit in a box. Take for example, the Lube Oil Dixon Pump from our PRO-5000 Series.


Lube Oil Gravity Feed Tanks – Space Saving Solutions


Let’s shed some light on the most versatile and space saving solutions for lube oil tanks. What are your location needs or budget constraints? We deeply consider all of these aspects when creating your lube oil gravity feed tanks. These stackable and highly customizable tank configurations are proficient in fitting into tight spaces. Plus, you’ll find value in having the ability to hold a variety oil products.

Questions from the Field: Can you Service your Lube Oil Pumps On-site?


In this short video we are uncovering questions from the field… A customer reached out to us and asked if our PK Series lube oil pumps could be serviced on-site or if they have to be shipped back to us for service. Andy answers this question and breaks down the inner workings of the pump, to show you how each moving part performs. Check it out to discover the answer to this question and more!

slim line oil tanks

An Inside Look: The People Behind Slim Line Oil Tanks

In 1951 James “Jimmy” Newberry began his journey in manufacturing tank trucks and steel storage tanks. Newberry was a founding member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). As a result of his determination, drive, and new thinking, Newberry became known as “The Father of the PEI.” The heritage, reputation and commitment to quality that Newberry Tanks represents is the reason why we partnered with them in creating our lube oil tank packages. We believe in giving our customers the best.


Today, we partner with Newberry Tanks on their “New Thinking” initiative. The new slim line oil tanks, that promise true performance value, are part of our oil lube tank packages, because of the innovative design that we stand behind. We met with James Fischer, Vice President of Sales at Newberry Tanks for a Q&A on the subject. In this short Q&A, we are giving you the second side of these great packages: the Slim Line 280 and 500 gallon oil tanks, and the people behind it. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this partnership, that enables us to bring this premium product to you.

cost effective air operated oil pumps

The Ratio Behind the PK3HD and PK5HD Oil Lube Pumps


An explanation of oil lube pumps and pump ratios

In light of the educational approach that we are taking on our lube oil tank packages, today we are going to highlight what it really means when you hear the names PK3HD 3:1 Pump and PK5HD 5:1 Pump. Our goal is to not only educate, but to empower. After reading this short blog entry, you will be able to design an ideal oil tank package and ask for it by name.

lube oil tank packages

Lube Oil Tank Packages: A History of Innovation


Lube oil tank packages, that we know today, have seen a history of innovation that began in the mid-century. While the US sector of Tecalemit is fairly young, the beginnings of Tecalemit Germany and our involvement in the oil industry, dates back to the first oil hand pumps of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The early founders shaped the culture and heritage of our company, passing down the sense of pride that comes with manufacturing innovative products for oil. Our heritage includes the people working hard on the Tecalemit team today, as their fathers and grandfathers worked in the factories before them.

oil tank packages

Slim Line Oil Tank Packages: True Performance Value


The Slim Line Oil Tank Packages have a very rich background. It all started with a new thinking philosophy… the need for on demand inventory, expedited shipping, customization and true performance value in a turn-key system. The new, slimmer rectangular tanks are built in single wall and double wall configurations, with the most demanded sizes being 280 and 500 gallons.

Lube Oil Tank Packages

Welcome to the Revolution of Lube Oil Tank Packages


Introducing the new slim line of lube oil tank packages.

Lube oil tanks are changing. The revolution of lube oil tank packages has shifted from the traditional look and functionality, to the evolvement of a more modern, better built, and longer lasting package. We are going to embark on a journey, as we introduce the complete line of our oil tank packages and portable oil systems, all for a better purchasing experience that we like to call: Customer Asset Priority.

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