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Hello everyone, this is a quick reference to the ultimate flexibility built into these TECALEMIT’s turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks packages. These systems have been a core offering to our industry and currently found throughout the continental US and Canada since 2010.

Seen here is a one of several built to fit TECALEMIT turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks, needed to be clear a retaining wall for easier access to the fluid. These packages are known for these sort of needs/projects and we have always been there for you to get you exactly what you need. Aside from the flexibility, the ROI on these systems is what has made them such a staple in our industry. If you are new to these packages, we are happy to discuss total volume expected and guide you through the available standard sizes and options for a long healthy and reliable system. TECALEMIT turnkey DEF mini bulk tanks, the original.


DEF Pro All-In-One Bulk Tank Shipping and Handling Details


Often times when our customers place an order for our All-In-One def bulk storage tanks, they’re left wondering what exactly is happening behind the scenes with their order. Here at Tecalemit, we want you to know that we take pride in ensuring our customer’s orders are processed, shipped, and delivered with a great deal of care.  We understand that customers want the peace of mind to know that their financial investments are being handled properly and are delivered as they were told. The idea of something going wrong during the shipment process is truly a nightmare, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

DEF Storage: Transitioning from Drums & Totes, to Tanks



TECALEMIT consistently seeks out opportunities to create and design systems that fill a gap in the market. We thrive on being known as innovators in the industry, providing first of its kind equipment solutions that allow a healthy ROI for customers. TECALEMIT’s DEF-Pro All In One Smart Packages are DEF mini bulk tank systems that combine this level of innovation, creativity, and most importantly, value.

Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

Unique Equipment Request? ‘Special Projects’ is Our Middle Name


All In One Northern and Weights and Measures Dispenser Combo

TECALEMIT’s line of DEF-Pro All In One Systems have made a name for themselves in the industry for being functional and value-driven. When we combine one of these systems with our WM Pro Dispenser (weights and measures components), it’s a complete package. The WM Pro Dispenser offers a turn-key solution designed to be integrated into existing cardlock locations. Together, the result is impressive to say the least. Add to that a custom request by a customer to have the tank stand on adjustable legs suited for stairs. Now, we have a special project on our hands.

DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tanks

Early DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tank Surpasses 1 Million Gallons of DEF


Behind the Promise: DEF-Pro All In One Mini Bulk Tanks

Every piece of equipment we stamp the TECALEMIT “T” on comes with our brand promise. It’s a promise to provide customers with products and services of premium quality, and to exceed customer expectations. For our DEF-Pro All In One mini bulk tanks, our promise extends to providing the best turn-key mini bulk tank with a small investment upfront, and a quick ROI in return. Take for example the first-generation DEF-Pro All In One Smart Package TECALEMIT sold within the first few years of our DEF equipment birth. This system has seen more than 1 million gallons of DEF run through it to date….and counting.

DEF mini bulk

Achieve a quicker ROI with DEF Mini Bulk Packages

All In One DEF Mini Bulk Smart Packages

With the rise in demand for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), we set out to design DEF mini bulk tanks that performed to the ISO standards mandated, functioned well, shipped easily, and provided a quick ROI. What our efforts resulted in is what is known in the market today as the DEF-Pro All In One Smart Packages. These systems are 100% turn-key, and houses everything you need to safely store and dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system | TECALEMIT USA



Safely store and dispense DEF with TECALEMIT’s All In One insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system

As we begin to feel the outside temperatures continuously drop, it’s safe to say that winter is just around the corner. While we personally rarely (if ever) see a flake of snow fall here in southern Texas, we understand that many customers of ours face the many challenges of the winter season each year. When temperatures drop below 12°F, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) freezes. As a result, TECALEMIT offers several value driven packages. These systems are designed to safely store and dispense DEF, even in the coldest of climates.

One of our most popular systems is the insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system, called the All In One Northern Unit. This system is plug and play made easy.  It comes as a complete turn-key package.

The All In One insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system includes many features with numerous configurations and upgrades available. We add a 2” layer of insulation to the tank. In addition, we include a heater inside of the heavy duty lockable cabinet to keep each component at a cozy temperature to avoid freezing. Inside the cabinet also includes TECALEMIT’S Hornet W85 hybrid pump, which is 100% continuous duty cycle. Furthermore, the All In One insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system contains a liquid level PS with LCD display, a 20 ft. delivery hose with an automatic nozzle, a flow meter, as well as Micro Matic closed loop connections.

Upgrade Options

TECALEMIT’s All In One insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system is truly plug and play made easy. Along with the lengthy list of standard features, there are also a multitude of system upgrades available including the following:

  • Pulser
  • Card lock integration
  • Fluid monitoring
  • Level control
  • Hose reel
  • Submersible pump

Stay ahead of the upcoming weather and begin preparing for the freezing temperatures to come. TECALEMIT’s All In One insulated and heated DEF storage tank and dispensing system is one solution of many that we offer. Check back on our blog tomorrow to find out which winter-friendly system we’ll be featuring next during #DEFWeek.

For more information on this system, please visit our product page.

Contact us for more information by giving us a call at 281-446-7300, or sending an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com.

#TrustTheT and stay warm, my friends!


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