DEF Mini Bulk Tank Storage Systems

Bulk DEF Solutions: ROI and Efficiency in One

Capital asset investments are becoming more important to consider as more folks turn towards understanding DEF.

During its inception in early 2009-2010, DEF was so new to the market that folks were searching for answers. They were flocking to blogs, videos, and seminars to understand this new thing called “Diesel Exhaust Fluid” and its equipment counterpart.

Efficiency and ROI in One

Today, the industry as a whole has grown and matured on the equipment side.   By now, most have selected their “go-to” packages and feel stuck with it.  However, the next wave is not only demanding easier ways to make deliveries, but the question about capital purchases is becoming more relevant.  Learning how to balance the equation of efficiencies and ROI is key.

When I get the opportunity to speak in front of a group in the industry, bulk DEF is the #1 topic that often comes up and where we spend the most time.

The ideal equation is one where the left side (Efficiencies) are in line with right side of the equation (Return On Investment)… but the question begs, what choices do I have available?

TECALEMIT is currently developing “Smart Packages” that will help you make quick and more profitable decisions when you’re focusing on the feasibility of your bulk DEF approach.

If you have any specific questions on bulk DEF, do not hesitate to chime in or send me a direct message.


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