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BlueMaster® Week: The Ultimate Island Friendly Cardlock Solution

The Ultimate Island Friendly Cardlock Solution – The BlueMaster®

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Yesterday on our blog, we gave some insight into what makes the BlueMaster® DEF island friendly tank unique in the market, referencing one the most distinguishing aspects, the inside of it. Expanding on that, today we’d like to emphasize the structure of the tank and why its size plays such a large role when it comes to island friendly cardlock solutions.

The BlueMaster® was configured specifically with cardlock islands in mind with dimensions of 3’10” x 12’10” x 7’9” (W x D x H). With this design, the tank is capable of holding up to 1,056 gallons of fluid and fits perfectly on most island set ups. In addition, the BlueMaster® weighs 1,250 lbs., which is heavy enough to keep it secured to the ground. However, note that an anchoring kit is also available for regions were this may be required. The BlueMaster®’s polyethylene structure was designed to withstand all environmental forces and has even survived earthquakes, harsh UV sun rays, as well as high and low temperatures.

The BlueMaster® island friendly cardlock solution is turn-key and value-driven with the customer in mind. It requires zero assembly efforts, offers island-friendly sizing, and is easy to use. Altogether, the BlueMaster® is the ultimate Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) island friendly cardlock solution.

On tomorrow’s blog, we’ll introduce you to the BlueMaster’s® unheard-of 10 year tank warranty, something no competitor of ours even comes close to offering! Check back!

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