turn-key def storage tank

Beyond Ready for Winter: Turn-key DEF Storage Tank

Did you know that DEF freezes at 12F? Now you don’t have to remember it.

Although winter hasn’t officially arrived just yet, some of us are already experiencing temperature drops and chilly weather. For those of you located in regions where you can expect freezing temperatures, it’s important to ensure you’re prepared for the challenges winter will bring.

When temperatures drop below 12°F, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) freezes. You’ve seen the handful of winter-friendly options out there including IBC tote electrical blankets, insulated and heated shed-style storage units, and the like. However, the high costs associated with these solutions based on the available gallon capacity often does not make sense, thus making the case for a poor ROI.  Plus, these units require maintenance and manpower to ensure winter functionality.

Turn-Key systems:

On the other hand, the DEF-Pro All In One system includes a turn-key DEF storage tank. Its range is flexible, giving you a much larger range in product capacity.  From our popular 1000 gal. and 2100 gal. models, to our extreme winter packages pushing 6000 gallons+ and arriving to you as complete, turn-key packages. Not only do we insulate the outside of the tank to protect product, but we also include a heater (set it and forget it) within the heavy duty lockable cabinet to protect the individual equipment components such as meter, hoses, and automatic nozzle. While there are a variety of upgrade options available to you, below are the standard features:

  • Tank insulation
  • Cabinet heater
  • TECALEMIT Hornet W85 hybrid pump
  • Liquid level PS with LCD display
  • 20 ft. delivery hose with auto-nozzle
  • Flow meter
  • Heavy duty lockable cabinet
  • 2” remote fill line on 800 gal. and larger
turn-key def storage tank

Maintenance free:

What’s important to point out that sets TECALEMIT’s DEF-Pro All In One northern package apart from others is that it is 100% maintenance free. No more sending employees out in the cold to wrap an electric “blanket” around a tote or tank, or remembering to bring the totes or tanks inside each time the temperatures drop. The DEF-Pro All In One northern package can withstand the frigid temperatures, leaving you worry and hassle-free.

Other winter-friendly options you’ll find in the market will more than likely be expensive and bulky. TECALEMIT’s DEF-Pro All In One northern package is value-driven, has been tested in the most extreme environments, and is space-efficient compared to most. This turn-key DEF storage tank is your go-to package this winter.

For more information on these systems, reach out to us. Send an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.

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