Back to Our Core: The Hornet W85 DEF Transfer Pump & What it is NOT


During these last couple of months, we’ve had the opportunity to hear from our customers and gain some insight on one of our core products. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is by far Tecalemit’s core, the heart and soul behind everything we do. In this congested industry where customers are given numerous options, the Hornet W85 DEF stands out more than ever. Today, we are tackling some of the reasons why Tecalemit’s DEF pump is unique, while emphasizing what it’s NOT compared to others in the market.

We know at times seeing is believing so we’re bringing you the top 4 key points that the Hornet W85 DEF pump is NOT.

NOT Bound by a Timer

In a world where time is money, we understand that time is of the essence. When your operators/drivers are needing to refuel, waiting for your DEF pump to cool off shouldn’t be an issue. One of the best features about the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is that it is NOT bound by a timer. What you’ll get from this pump is a 100% continuous duty cycle that enables your fueling experience to be much more efficient.  There’s no automatic shut-off feature that forces you to wait or limit you fueling time. Fuel dispensing is a breeze and you’re good to go on the road in no time.

NOT  Bound by the Standard 20ft Dispense Hose

One of the best things about Tecalemit is that we don’t keep our products limited to the standard out-of-the-box items. In case you didn’t know, the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is NOT bound by the standard 20 ft dispense hose. We love to provide our customers options in performance accessories to enhance their workflow. We understand that everyone’s needs are different so that is where our service truly comes alive. It’s those small details that truly go a long way. Our customers are able to customize their system with a dispense anywhere from 20 ft to a hose up to 100 ft!

NOT Bound by Lack of Credentials

When purchasing a product that will become more of an investment, you want to ensure you’re investing in the right product that meets the demands of the industry. You don’t have to worry, the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is NOT bound by the lack of Credentials. Having the right credentials and being in compliance is crucial for your business. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is both Canadian and U.S. certified and has passed inspections to meet the standards of today’s requirements. You can rest assured that the Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump provides the quality you seek.

NOT Bound by the Lack of Support

No longer will customers be left in the dark when it comes to their products. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump is NOT bound  by the lack of support. Whenever customers have questions, concerns, or simply need some installation guidance, we got you covered. We have a great support RMA team that is ready to assist our customer’s product needs. When customers call our support team, they won’t be left with a machine prompting them to select a number key to reach a representative. Our customers will be assisted  by a live technician who will be able to provide the support they need. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our RMA support team at (281) 446- 7300. Customers can also find online tutorials on our website and on our YouTube channel, Tecalemit USA.

Ultimately, when customers face making a decision, they should know exactly what they’re getting and understand why they’re choosing the product they choose. The Hornet W85 DEF transfer pump speaks for itself and can be the perfect solution for your DEF dispensing needs. You can count on Tecalemit to not just provide you solutions to your workflow needs, but also go that extra mile with you to ensure you stay completely satisfied along the way. Know you can always trust the T!


Hornet W85 Def transfer pump


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  • Donald Byrns
    Donald Byrns

    I would like to obtain more info and pricing on the hornet def pump. Our company is South Central Equipment. We are owned by Key Oil Company . Franklin Ky.

    • TecalemitUSA

      Thank you for your interest in our DEF pump. One of our sales team members will be reaching out to you soon to help!

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