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Looking for Automated Fuel Management Systems? 

You have landed at the right place.  In this entry we are introducing the HD Manager 8 software that works together with our automated fuel management systems, completing the latest upgrade offering from TECALEMIT.  On our last entry, the Wi-Fi and network capable Wonderbox fleet fuel management unit is explained and released this July 2014. Read it here.

Automated Fleet Fuel Management System.


This summer is an exciting one for the TECALEMIT camp.  The release of the Wonderbox GEN II, our WIFI enabled automated fuel management system, wouldn’t be complete without a revamp of our HD Management Software.  The new HD Manager Version 8 is being released simultaneously and like its hardware counterpart, its arrival is already highly anticipated.

Beginning July 1st, the new automated fuel management units will be available, joining the new HD Manager 8 upgrade. In typical fashion, new “Quick guides” manuals on hardware and software will be rolled out to help you navigate through the new exciting features.  Lets talk about the new features. The HD Manager will boast a new full screen homepage with a customizable list of options, allowing its users to personalize preferences.  One of the upgrades that is sure to be a customer favorite is the simplicity of the Master Data tab.  With a cleaner, more user friendly layout, easily view and update information for vehicles, drivers, and even create groups.  Another highlight will be the Settings tab which allows you to add or remove your most used short cut menus so that the frequently visited icons are readily available on your homepage.  The big item built into the “Full version” of the software, which can be unlocked from the standard software, is the ability to add and track pricing through an invoice tab.

Version 8 release is truly a testament to the TECALEMIT mentality of innovation and forward thinking technology.  We took feedback from the previous version and sought out to make it easier and more efficient for our customers.  It will help keep your fleet more organized and accounting for every drop has never been easier.  With the new pricing feature available under the full version, the software comes full circle in its functionality.   Customers will have the option of setting and changing a daily price per gallon so printed receipts can be matched with Invoices being billed.

In conclusion, this new hardware upgrade will immediately make these automated fuel management units (Wonderbox) more flexible and easier to use.  The software will drive the functionality at its core, and put the information at your finger tips.

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Automated fleet fuel management systemAutomated fuel management


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