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Automated Fuel Inventory Management System – A 12v Approach…

Automated Fuel Inventory Management System, we are going to be taking a look at setting up your system via a 12v configuration. Imagine you’re on a construction or industrial jobsite.  Your equipment is running low and driving back and forth to the nearest fueling station is impractical.  A fuel tank is conveniently located nearby in a remote area, but with no attendant monitoring the usage, how can you accurately track the amount of fuel you dispense?  What’s more, how can one differentiate between multiple users and vehicles?  It is imperative to keep a precise measurement of the fuel being used during any specific time frame.  TECALEMIT’s Wonderbox offers an Automated Fuel Inventory Management System  as a simple solution. Automated Fuel Inventory Management SystemThe Wonderbox, with its compact size, conveniently attaches to a tank and electronically manages the amount of product being disbursed.  But how can an electronic box closely monitor numerous transactions without a direct connection to a power supply?  A 12v battery power source attached to the fuel tank can be easily connected to an inverter.  The inverter is a device that will convert the energy from a DC (direct current) to an AC (alternating current), read more on WiKi.  Once a driver pulls up to the tank, he or she can use everyday alligator clamps and jumper cables to provide a current through the inverter, which will charge the battery and supply the 110 volts needed for the Wonderbox. After the Automated Fuel Inventory Management System powers on, the driver is required to identify him or herself by punching in the specific number assigned to him or her.  The vehicle number and odometer reading are also required before each transaction takes place, ensuring that as much detailed information is captured as possible.  As the fuel is being pumped out of the tank and into the equipment, TECALEMIT’s Automated Fuel Inventory Management System is recording the information and storing it for later use.  Even after the clamps are removed and the power supply is lost to the box, the intelligent system is able to store the data without erasing the information previously recorded.  Up to 10,000 transactions can be saved in the database and is easily obtained through a USB drive.  The information can also be downloaded to a PC in Microsoft Excel and Word using TECALEMIT’s programming. Automated Fuel Inventory Management System

The Wonderbox and Superbox systems are the very definition of Automated Fuel Inventory Management System, making every transaction literally at your fingertips.  Simplify your ability to control product while also minimizing inaccuracies and inefficiencies.  Print reports as little or as often as needed for up to 2,000 users.  Maximize your productivity by keeping an exact gauge on your product whether it’s fuel, diesel, oil, water, DEF, windshield washer fluid, heating oil, or any other chemical.  The Wonderbox is not only practical and easy to use, but a necessary component to smart business in the Fuel and Lubes Industry. If you have any questions, on TECALEMIT’s Automated Fuel Inventory Management System, send us an email or call us; we’d love to chat with you.  Tel 281-446-7300. If you are looking for distribution; send us an email to sales@tecalemitusa.com or send us a note through our website by clicking here.




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  • Les Brackenbury
    Les Brackenbury

    Please contact me regarding your 12v system. Is this system capable of sending out information after each transaction??

    • TECALEMIT Inc.
      TECALEMIT Inc.

      Thank you for contacting us, Les! Yes, this system is capable of sending out information after each transaction. Please feel free to email us at sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at 281-446-7300.

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