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Automated Diesel Pump Dispenser- Now printer capable.

HDM eco 80 Automated Diesel Pump Dispenser

In today’s lineup of automated diesel pump dispensers, the choices are many. However, “out of the box” convenience is still lacking for most.

TECALEMIT’s line of fuel dispensers continues to mature into full systems. These systems are fully assembled and work right of the box.  Pain free.  Take for instance the HDM Eco automated diesel pump dispenser.  Not only do you get a system that is sleek and looks fantastic, but it goes much deeper than what meets the eye.

We built this line of diesel dispensers to help you maximize your inefficiencies by minimizing your installation costs and assembly time, thus lowering your start-up costs.  We believe in making your job easier. What is more convenient than a piece of equipment ready to go upon delivery?

Imagine having a 22 gallon per minute pump, plus an automated fuel management system, all built into one package without the hassle of assembly or start up. That is exactly what the HDM Eco Diesel dispenser provides.

Because of the vast acceptance in the market place, based on its robust performance, we are now adding another component to the mix. This Automated diesel pump dispenser can now be fitted with a printer option as shown.  What you will receive is a system that is capable of  dispensing diesel fuel at 22 gpm, will track your drivers, vehicles and odometer readings, and now print a receipt of the transaction that just took place, to the gallon.

Welcome to a new way of thinking…..we like  to call  it, Fluid Thinking.

If you have any questions on how we can put together one of these automated diesel pump dispenser systems for you.  You can contact us here or call us at 281 446 7300

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