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TECALEMIT All-in-One ECO hornet pump and DEF nozzle

Dispensing Nozzles: The Must Haves for Today’s DEF & Diesel industry


Nine years later, and we’re still finding Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and its diesel sectors in constant motion, growing and evolving as fleets turn over more trucks. With an increasing number of diesel operated vehicles on the road and the growing number of DEF applications, the question for quality and reliable equipment comes to mind. Wherever a customer may choose to go, they want to know they are making an investment towards DEF compatible equipment that will deliver the performance they expect. When it comes to dispensing DEF and diesel fuel, TECALEMIT’s range of nozzle options cater to our customer’s exact dispensing needs.

TECALEMIT Micro Matic Closed Loop System Dispense Coupler

W85 DEF Pump Set-Up: Micro Matic Closed Loop System Components


The closed loop system was introduced to the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) industry to regulate the process of filling /dispensing, maintain the purity of the substance within an IBC tote/ drum container, and to reduce over spillage. This system is known for its reliability and effectiveness ensuring that the over-all quality of the product is preserved. Understanding the components that make-up the closed loop system, the over-all function, and significant role each accessory plays is critical for all consumers handling DEF in IBC totes/drums. Tecalemit provides Micro Matic accessories to ensure customers receive quality accessories for their DEF tote applications. Below are some of the key accessories needed to complete a closed loop system and how you can benefit from applying these components to your tote/drum application.