110V Lube Oil Dixon Pump for Pro-5000 Series

When you combine years of industry experience with the willingness to venture creatively outside the lines of tradition, you get innovation. Here at TECALEMIT, we’re just that – innovators. We are constantly brainstorming new equipment solutions to make customer jobs easier and more efficient. That’s why we’ve taken the Lube/Oil Pro-5000 Transfer Pump System and made it even better. Now featuring a 110V Dixon pump that boasts a new level of technology and consistency.

110V Lube Oil Dixon Pump - Pro-5000 Series

The Dixon pump featured on our Lube/Oil Pro-5000 Transfer Pump Systems is one of kind. This positive displacement pump features proprietary technology unlike anything else offered in the market. Dixon’s Blade Master pump technology has a new standard for performance in the pump industry. The patented “wiper blade” vanes and tri-lobe impeller design offer superior flow rates and performance. According to Dixon,

The 3-lobe impeller configuration was designed to minimize harmonic resonance, which can cause destructive vibration. This allows for a wide range of pump shaft speeds, from 0 to 1,400 rpm, without damaging the pump, and out-performing competitive pumps that have shaft speed limitations.

The combination of Dixon Pump’s proprietary engineered resin and inventive tri-lobe/impeller design is what makes this pump truly unique and valuable. As a result of the pump’s technology, the Dixon Pump can dry-run for up to 20 days! This means increased product-life and lower overall cost of ownership. Additionally, the Dixon Pump can dry vacuum an incredible 25 ft. of water lift. Furthermore, the technology within the pump allows its amperage to remain minimal, even during startup, compared to other positive displacement pumps seen in the market. The Dixon Pump features a FLA (Full Load Amperage) of 12.0 on a standard 20 amp/115V circuit. This is severely reduced compared to other pumps, whose average amperage pulls are often times too large to be accommodated by a standard 20 amp circuit.

For more information on the Dixon Pump or our Lube/Oil Pro-5000 Mobile Transfer Pump System, download our technical spec sheet. Still have questions or looking for pricing? Reach out to your sales representative or our main office at sales@tecalemitusa.com, or give us a call at (281) 446-7300.


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